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Case study – 2307x faster!

Description: Problem: Stored procedure takes 38 seconds to execute. It times out on the application front-end. It was performing multiple scans and reading too much

Case study – 57x faster!

Description: Problem: This stored procedure showed up in the top resource-consuming report. It was putting too much stress on the CPU. Solution: Added two new

Case study – 9,320x faster!

Description: Problem: Select command inside trigger (EHRHist<removed>_AFTER_INSERT_UPDATE) doing an index scan. Solution: Added an index. Command: Change: Before: After: Technical Background: Most SQL Servers bottleneck

Case study – 40x faster!

Description: Problem: Slowness in the biling process. Solution: SQL code refactoring. Time to run stored proc before tuning: 34s Time to run stored proc after

Case study – 103x faster!

Description: Problem: Slow procedure killing SQL Server performance Change: To improve the stored procedure performance, we created four views. Also, we made changes to the

Case study – 679x faster!

Description: Problem: Slow stored procedure Notes: After making couple of small tweaks to the SQL Server stored procedure we were able to get few improvements:

Case study – 753x faster!

Problem: Slow stored procedure 75,336% improvement in stored procedure performance! Notes: Improvements achieved: • CPU from 18,922 to 1,249 • Reads from 12,850,589 to 18,532