SQL Server Performance Tuning

Standard plan – one time performance tuning service

This is the best for situations where SQL has started to behave slowly: suddenly or gradually over time. Here we identify why this is happening and recommend a fix. This is where the service stops. We stop the bleeding. We don’t fix multiple problems (but we may point them out to you) and we don’t tune the whole SQL Server.

Pro plan – proactive tuning services

This is the best for when SQL is a critical piece of infrastructure, and you realize performance will need to be addressed proactively. You realize that to make queries go fast is to continuously tune the worst performing SQL. TSQL code that used to run fast can degrade over time. Especially after code deployments or changes to the server.

Enterprise plan – on-going tuning services

The largest SQL Server deployments will need on-going tuning. Tuning several queries is not going to be enough. You need to address more queries, more servers, more environments, etc.


You are not alone! After we started providing SQL consulting services it was hard to believe how many businesses were having similar SQL performance problems.

This is the most common service we provide.

How will engagement look? First, we will talk and figure out what is important to you and what your pain points are.

Then we take over and dive into your SQL Server, and identify what causes your SQL slowness:

– It could one query or a set of queries.
– It could be Windows OS settings.
– It could be RAM or CPU pressure.
– It could be a storage configuration issue.
– It could be network adapter settings.
– It could be a bad JOIN.
– It could be your hypervisor settings (VMWare or HyperV.)
– It could be stale SQL statistics.
– It could be indexing.
– It could be a parameter sniffing problem.
– It could be list of numerous other problems.

It doesn’t matter what the problem is; we will track it down. Then we talk again and present you with options of how your issue can be fixed.

Our customers love us

SQL Performance Tuning (slow sql) services are provided from Atlanta, GA area, or Alpharetta, GA to be more precise. We serve Dallas, New York, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Austin, Jacksonville. We have also provided SQL Performance tuning services in countries outside USA, such as New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, Ireland and Germany.

100% Money-back guarantee? For real?! If you feel what was done was not helpful, we will refund 100% of your payment.