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Red9’s flexible SQL Server consulting offering can be customized to match your unique business needs. 

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At Red9 our expertise reaches far beyond SQL servers.  We’ve helped our extensive global client base, from startups to Fortune 100 companies with self-serve reporting, building data warehouses, migrating data to Snowflake and AWS Redshift, and implementing data solutions such as PowerBI, Tableau, and others.  Whatever you need, our Sr. DBAs have decades of collective experience. We’ve seen it all and can do it all.

Our SQL Server Solutions deliver:

  • Time to value – get issues solved fast.
  • Flexibility – quickly scale up or down your SQL DBA resource.
  • Flexible contract terms – we adjust SQL offerings to your custom business needs.
  • SQL performance tuning – we can make SQL fast again.
  • Architectural expertise – get the highest level of SQL Server expertise in Microsoft Clustering, Data Warehousing, Disaster Recovery, ETL, SAN configuration, SSRS, SSIS, AlwaysOn availability groups, log shipping, mirroring, replication, partitioning, resource governor, encryption, distributed replay, security, columnstore, in-memory processing, stretch databases, compression, filestream, parallelism, linked servers, delayed durability, triggers, UDFs, and more.
  • Extensive third party software tool knowledge
    • SQL monitoring – RedGate, Solarwinds, SentryOne, ApexSQL, Idera, Foglight, Quest

    • Data warehouses – Snowflake, Amazon AWS Redshift, Azure Data Warehouse
    • Data migration tools – HVR software, Fivetran, AWS database migration services, Talend, Alooma
  • Comprehensive monitoring & alerting – we can deploy our monitoring solutions or adjust to what you already have.
  • 24x7x365 access and coverage – we offer emergency services so you are covered.
  • Red9 company stats
    • USA based
    • Established in 2003
    • 44+ verticals to date
    • Microsoft certified
    • Trusted by companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100 

Sample projects of how clients used our Microsoft SQL Server Consulting for:

  • Optimize SQL Server Performance

  • SQL Server Health Check or an Audit to ensure all the best practices are being followed

  • SQL Migration to cloud or SQL Azure, Amazon RDS

  • Setup AlwaysOn High Availability, Disaster Recovery, log shipping

  • Short-term pay-as-you-go support for SQL

SQL Consulting is great way to handle one time problem.

SQL Server Database Managed Services is a great way to ensure SQL is always performing at the top of the speed, security, reliability and continually being maintained and improved.

How we do it better:

  • We don’t just maintain your servers – we continuously improve them. Every month your SQL Server will get better and we will prove it with comprehensive monthly reporting. 

  • Data security & protection – We use bank-level security.

  • The most comprehensive SQL Server Health Check – our SQL health audit reaches far beyond your SQL Server. In addition, we examine the cost, hardware, storage, and operating system settings to name a few. 

  • Expertise – we only employ Senior level DBAs with 10 years of experience or more. 

  • We have the most SQL performance tuning case studies in the industry – so you can feel confident we made SQL faster quite a few times.

  • We have the most testimonials in our industry.

  • Fast – We have developed intellectual property that makes us more efficient.

  • We only work with Microsoft SQL Servers – we have deep expertise and experience you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Compliance expertise – we are fully aware of the compliance and security requirements for working with clients who operate under PCI, HIPAA, SOX requirements.


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