SQL Performance Tuning: 7 Tips to Boost Your TSQL Queries

If you, like other software professionals, think that RDBMS settings can be left as default for improved SQL query performance tuning, then you are wrong.  Default RDBMS settings are far from being the optimal ones and not optimizing can result in performance issues. The good news, however, is that you can improve SQL query performance […]

[Case study] Preventing future performance problem. How did we do it?

This is an excellent example of what you can get by teaming up with our part-time SQL DBA Service provider. Our daily checks include many aspects of SQL Server and some aspects of hardware, such as CPU, memory, disk space, etc. This is a proactive action to prevent possible issues and problems that may cause […]

[Case study] Stored procedure is now running 181 times faster. How did we do it?

Here is another significant improvement. Problem summary Slow procedure killing SQL Server performance. The client was experiencing severe issues with the application stability. What we done To improve it, we created an indexed view to improve the store procedure performance. Total improvement Sometimes changes can make TSQL run 20,000% faster, sometimes 50%, other times slicing […]

[Case study] SQL Performance Tuning using indexes

Problem Summary The client is experiencing issues with SQL server performance. Two stored procedures that are run hundreds of times per hour were taking a long time to execute. What was done Simple. For this case, we created only a new index to improve both stored procedures. The first one: The another one: As soon […]

[Case study] SQL query hint removal makes TSQL run five times faster

Here what can be done when you have one of our DBA plans. The procedure below was extracted from a stored procedure that was found during one of our comprehensive database assessments. What was done We removed the MAXDOP hint. In this case, the procedure was refactored, but the dev team did not change this query […]

[Case study] Performance tuning a slow report. How did we do it?

Problem summary A report was taking a long time to complete. It was also causing deadlocks during the execution. What was done We started monitoring the SQL Server environment. A comprehensive methodology was applied to look at various levels SQL depended on: CPU, RAM, networking, storage, VMWare setup, Windows Operating System settings, and few more […]

[Case Study] Fixing SQL Server Deadlocks by tuning SQL performance

Problem Summary Two procedures were involved in 80% of deadlocks related to a third-party application. Deadlocks are a common problem handled by SQL Server automatically. Nevertheless, you have to make sure that you minimize deadlocks as much as possible because every rolled back transaction negatively influences your end-users. What was done To improve the stored […]

Database Engine Tuning Advisor (DTA) in Microsoft SQL Server

What is a database tuning advisor (DTA)? Changing database design to a proper one makes it to perform better. One of the performance-critical areas of databases is proper table indexing and their usage. Database tuning advisor helps to decide if existing indexes are correct and if new indexes are required. This tool does not require […]