How can you find the SQL Server jobs that start simultaneously?

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Item: SQL Agent jobs starting simultaneously.

Why should you care about them?

Multiple SQL Server Agent jobs are configured to start simultaneously, which will not perform as fast as if jobs would not overlap.

Your SQL Server may be under heavy load for short bursts of time.

How can I find the SQL Server jobs that start simultaneously?

You can use the script below to list all Agent SQL Server jobs starting at precisely at the same time.

  1. SELECT As JobName,
  2.  j.description AS JobDescription,
  3.  a.start_execution_date AS JobStartExecutionDate
  4. FROM msdb.dbo.sysjobs j
  5. INNER JOIN msdb.dbo.sysjobactivity a ON j.job_id = a.job_id
  6. WHERE j.enabled = 1 AND a.start_execution_date IN
  7. (SELECT start_execution_date
  8. FROM msdb.dbo.sysjobactivity
  9. GROUP BY start_execution_date HAVING COUNT(*) > 1)
Figure 1 -SQL Server Agent Jobs starting Simultaneously.

How to fix them?

  1. Spread job execution tweaking the job schedules.

More information

Microsoft – dbo.sysjobactivity.



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