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Find out your SQL Server weak spots, and create a clear roadmap of what needs improvement

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Have you been dealing with:

  • Random or ongoing SQL Server performance or stability issues?
  • A SQL Server that is not functioning as it should be and you don’t know why?
  • You bought performance monitoring software but you STILL don’t know how to leverage the information it’s giving you to solve your issues?
  • You lost your DBA and simply want an audit of your current environment to understand where you stand?
  • You invested in new hardware and you’re still experiencing the same performance issues and you don’t know why?

Do you want:

How we do it better:

  • Data security – We use bank-level security We add our own two-factor authentication, network segmentation, enterprise firewalls, security software, silos, vaults, and more.
  • SQL Server Health Check is included free of charge – for any consulting or managed service client. Because this is the ONLY way to provide good recommendations.
  • Most comprehensive 145 point SQL Health Check in our industry – which includes more than just a SQL Server audit, but also other items that affect stability and performance:
    • Server and OS configuration:
    • Windows settings
      • Disk and storage configuration
      • AD, GPO, local security policies
      • Log review
      • Patching
    • SQL Server instance config
      • CPU & RAM config
      • Security access level analysis
      • Maintenance plans and backups
      • Trace flags
      • Monitoring and alerting
      • SQL patching
      • Parallelism settings
    • Database config
      • DB options
      • File sizes, number of files
      • Tempdb config
      • File placement
      • Data & index separation
    • Performance
      • Indexing
        • Missing indexes
        • Over-indexing and unused indexes
        • IX merging 
        • Fragmentation
        • Compression
      • Blocking and deadlocking
      • Worst performing queries consuming most of hardware resources CPU, storage, network resources, and duration
      • Longest and most frequently run TSQL
    • Utilization (Workload)
      • Bottleneck review & wait stats
      • Server-level performance – CPU, RAM, storage, network, storage
      • Disk and file latencies
  • Zero effect on your database performance or availability while we investigate
  • An easy-to-understand SQL Server roadmap to improving SQL Server over time5

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