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Should I migrate my SQL Server to Linux?

With SQL Server 2017, and now SQL Server 2019, SQL Server is available on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and Ubuntu. For

Why data type choices matter?

I’ll use this opportunity to remind you of something. Choosing the right data types for variables, your tables, and stored procedures not only improves performance

What is SQL Server injection?

SQL injection is a technique in which attackers insert malicious code into strings fields of an application (Web or not) that are later delivered to an instance of

Using PowerShell to monitor disk usage

Part of the database and system administrator’s daily routine consists of monitoring disk usage. It can be achieved manually, however, it is much more logical

What is SQL Server parameter sniffing?

SQL Server generates a query plan for a stored procedure using (sniffing) the parameters sent by the first time. By “first time” means that SQL