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The proper way to setup SQL Server alerts

Category: Reliability Item: Missing alerts Why should you enable SQL Server alerts? Enabling these Alerts can prevent a lot of problems: Potential to miss critical

Case study – 66x faster!

Description: Problem: Deadlocking. This stored procedure is continuously involved in deadlocking. Solution: A new index. Scan operation can be tuned into becoming a seek (a

Case study – 354x faster!

Description: Problem: This stored procedure runs very frequently (multiple times per minute) and consumes a lot of server resources (CPU, storage reads and duration). Change:

Case study – 562x faster!

Description: Problem: Stored procedure that is run hundreds of times per hour is taking a long time. Change:  Multiple changes were made to code inside

Best practices for the SQL Server TempDB

Category: Performance Item:  SQL Server Error logs not optimally configured. What is the TempDB database? Tempdb is one of the system databases in Microsoft SQL

SQL Server – priority boost option

Category: Reliability Item: Priority boost is ON What does priority boost option do? The option will make SQL Server run the sqlservr.exe process and threads as High

Best practices for SQL Server statistics

Category: Performance Item: Auto-update statistics What are statistics in SQL Server? They are large binary objects (BLOBs) that contain information about the correlation and distribution