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SQL Server – priority boost option

Priority boost is ON What does priority boost option do? The option will make SQL Server run the sqlservr.exe process and threads as High Priority. It has

Best practices for SQL Server statistics

Auto-Update Statistics What are statistics in SQL Server? They are large binary objects (BLOBs) that contain information about the correlation and distribution of values in

What is the MAXDOP setting in SQL Server?

Default “Max degree of parallelism” (MAXDOP) The max degree of parallelism option is used by SQL Server to limit the number of processors to use

SQL Server startup parameters

SQL Engine startup settings What are SQL Server startup parameters? When you install SQL Server, setup writes a set of default startup options in the

Trace flags in SQL Server

What are Trace Flags in SQL Server? SQL Server trace flags are configuration handles that can enable or disable a specific SQL Server characteristic or

SIMPLE recovery model in SQL Server

SIMPLE recovery model usage What is the SIMPLE recovery model in SQL Server? Simple Recovery Model is the basic recovery model available in SQL Server.

SQL Server page verification CHECKSUM

Page Verification not optimal What is Page verify in SQL Server? Page Verify is a database option that defines the mechanism used by SQL Server to verify

Optimal Windows Power Plan for SQL Server

Windows Power Plan CPU performance and Windows power plans Usually, the balanced power plan is set by default, which is what Microsoft recommends for general