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Item: Priority boost is ON

What does priority boost option do?

The option will make SQL Server run the sqlservr.exe process and threads as High Priority.

It has the potential to drain resources from essential OS & networking functions, resulting in problems and shutting down SQL Server.

Microsoft’s best practices do not recommend to enable this feature.

How can I check if the priority boost option is enabled?

  1. Using SSMS, right-click the instance name and select Properties.
  2. Then click on the Processors tab.
Figure 1 – Boost SQL Server priority option.

How do I disable Boost SQL Server priority?

You can disable it using the interface above.
Another way is to implement the change running the following script:

  1. EXEC sys.sp_configure N'show advanced options', N'1';
  2. GO
  4. GO
  5. EXEC sys.sp_configure N'priority boost', N'0'
  6. GO
  8. GO

More information

Microsoft – Configure the priority boost Server Configuration Option



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