SQL Server Upgrades

Upgrading to a new version of SQL? Let our expert team handle your upgrade regardless of the complexity of your environment.

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How we do it:

After selecting a consulting package, we begin with an analysis of your current environment and agree on a timeline, including any necessary downtime for the cutover. Based on this, we develop an upgrade strategy. Red9 will then provide a detailed project plan to ensure your team is aligned with expectations. We set up the new environment following best practices, test it thoroughly, and compare its performance with the old environment to ensure optimal results.

How we do it better:

Red9 goes above and beyond to minimize risk for our customers. We provide detailed project plans with code for each step, careful timing, and rollback scripts to ensure a smooth process. Our meticulous post-upgrade testing guarantees the best results, comparing your old and new environments to identify and eliminate errors. With Red9, your team can rest easy knowing every detail is covered.

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Upgrades without the hassle


  • Bank-level security
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Network segmentation
  • Enterprise firewalls
  • Security software


  • Sr. DBAs with 15+ years of experience
  • Deep cloud expertise (Azure, AWS, Google)
  • Deep cloud storage expertise
  • Top-level SQL Server architects
  • Deep third-party tool knowledge
  • Complex migrations and upgrades


  • In-depth planning 
  • Team coordination 
  • Flexibility
  • Customer-first mindset
  • Fast response times

See how Red9 excels against competitors

Sr. DBAs
Bank-level security
Continuous optimization
Unlimited DBA tasks
Comprehensive audit
Proactive monitoring
Tuning reports
Self-healing fixes
24×7 access

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Customer testimonials

Seamless SQL 2016 upgrade, zero downtime

Red9 upgraded to SQL 2016 with no business interruption, Red9 was tagged with the upgrade process, they drove and set up the servers.
5 stars
Penelope T.
Datawarehousing Manager

Complex SQL upgrade delivered flawlessly and right on schedule

Red9 ran a super complex SQL upgrade process for us. Very, very complex. And completely on deadline.
5 stars
Tom B.
DBA Manager

Stellar performance

Stellar performance as always. Red9’s attention to detail is incredible, and they are very dependable and consistently perform at a very high level.
Rex Klein 5 stars
Rex Klein
Barryhund Administrators, Inc.
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Frequently asked questions

How does Red9 upgrade pricing work?

At Red9, each upgrade requires custom pricing based on the complexity of your environment.  Once we evaluate your project, we will recommend the appropriate consulting package for your project.

What items do you analyze?

For SQL Audits, we analyze Windows server configurations, hardware, SQL Server instance and database configurations, performance, security, maintenance, error logs, and more.

How do I know my data will be secure and server safe?

Security is a top priority for Red9. We use bank-level security on top of the security you already have in place.