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Migrate your databases to the cloud, virtual, or another on-premise data center server safely, with little to no downtime, avoiding common pitfalls.

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Have you been dealing with:

  • SQL Server you want to migrate to another server or consolidate several SQL instances?
  • Are you thinking of, “Why not upgrade SQL Server versions at the same time too”?
  • Are you thinking of, “Why not get all best Microsoft and industry best practices implemented at the same time too”?
  • Are you migrating to the cloud? You are not sure which Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google GCP instance types are best suited for your situation?
  • You not sure which cloud storage offerings to choose from?
  • Lack of skills or internal capacity to take on the project? You don’t know all the prep work required to make this a success?
  • How do you do this safely with minimal downtime?
  • Lack of understanding of how long cut-over may take with the best migration option for you?
  • Other migration complexities that keep on piling up:
    • You may be considering upgrading the SQL version too
    • Connection strings changes and all possible technical ways to handle those
    • Copying SQL Agent jobs
    • SQL security
    • SSIS packages
    • SQL configuration settings
    • AlwaysOn
    • Disaster recovery servers
    • Reporting Servers, SSRS, SSAS
    • Data Warehousing servers
    • Less important SQL Servers, dedicated to development, quality assurance & user acceptance testing environments


Red9 does many migrations per year, sometimes running several each month, so we are up to date on the newest techniques and tools, what is involved, and pitfalls.

Red9’s flexible SQL Server consulting offering can be customized to match your unique business needs. 

Do you want:

Red9 has been migrating SQL Servers for more than a decade. We can help you migrate (and upgrade) your SQL Server safely to any environment you want. We can get your SQL migrated to any cloud instance (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google GCP), VMWare or HyperV environment, new data center, or simply a new server.

We deliver:

  • Extensive migration experience of very complex environments
  • Best migration method selection 
  • We have lots of processes, documents and scripts prepared
  • No migrations we had to rollback in the last 10 years
  • We get a new server setup with all the best practices (cloud instance selection, Windows OS settings, storage settings, Group Policy, and Active Directory, etc….)
  • Comprehensive analysis of the existing environment reveals potential issues and we get those addressed prior to migration
  • Detailed level project plan of all the steps involved, even if its non-database steps
  • Timing of each step, start time, expected duration, and resource who is responsible for it
  • Testing and resting of the new server to avoid surprises

Faced with a bottleneck in your technology stack and dreading the cost and risk of migrating to the cloud, upgrading to new hardware, changing data centers, and migrating database servers? We can migrate SQL Servers without downtime or geographic limitations. Our service is designed for those who want the job done right without DB staff, with more control over costs and time to completion than other methods offer.

We’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of businesses migrating to the cloud (AWS, Azure, and GCP) and needing their data migrated with them. 

How we do it better:

  • We create a detailed migration plan. Plan includes:
    • Plan all the steps, even if it involves other team members like developers, network engineers, etc.
    • Each step is clearly defined
    • Each step has a script associated with it (so we not writing TSQL or clicking on UI at 3 AM on FRI night)
    • Each step has a start time and estimated end time, so we know exactly how long this will take
    • Pre-migration checklist
    • Migration checklist
    • Post-migration checklist
    • Post-migration operational support, monitoring for errors and performance
    • Pre-migration testing of the new server
      • Has the most optimal cloud instance type been chosen for your specific scenario?
      • Are disks properly selected and configured and providing the speed you require?
      • Re-running your exact SQL workload on the newly setup server to get fair apples to apple comparison
  • We will get security, SQLAgent jobs, SSRS, SSIS, linked servers, and other details migrated over
  • We get a new server setup with all the best practices:
    • Windows
    • Group Policy and Active Directory
    • Storage testing and formatting
    • SQL installation and best practices deployment
    • SQL maintenance customized for your environment
    • Monitoring and alerting
  • You don’t know how to compare old or current server vs. new. Is it better? Worse? Same? How much extra capacity does it have? By how many percent? Will things work the same, or some TSQL may run slower or fail completely?


  • We do comprehensive testing of the new server and a comparison of performance. We do it at the: 
    • aggregate level, where you can say, “CPU is better on new server by 37% without making any changes”
    • Detail level, where you can say, “everything is faster, however, these 21 statements became a lot slower, so let’s look into how to performance tune them prior to the actual migration”


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