SQL Server Database Assessments

Bring your data to Red9 and ensure that your SQL Server infrastructure on-premise or on cloud is deployed in a way that is optimal for your needs.

Our Database Assessments is a customized service focused on delivering bright pieces of evidence about the status of your database system performance and maintenance strategy.

This is a proactive action to prevent possible issues and problems that may cause service disruption or downtime.

It’s like having a firefighter putting out the fire before it becomes a forest fire.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to understand.

Understand how your SQL Server infrastructure stacks up to vendor recommendations, with industry best practices and guidance from a team of experts.

After the analysis is done and presented to you, we will go over everything on the report until you run out of questions.

All the checks are non-intrusive, very lightweight and will not affect your production SQL Server.

All data collection can be done during regular business operating hours.

This is about 90% of what will happen.

The remaining 10% will be spent on items discovered during analysis, requiring more investigation.

 We focus on delivering to you the quality assessment you hired us to provide.

SQL Server HealthCheck

Some clients want a FULL SQL Health Check, while some only want to go deep on analysis for a SINGLE database.

Even though it’s a single DB health analysis, we still check for some server/instance level items. That’s intentional.

After the analysis is done and presented to you, we will go over everything on the report until you run out of questions.

Here is the complete list of items that our SQL Server health check cover 

Consider some of these other areas where Red9 team of SQL Server experts can deliver enduring strategic value for your organization:

  • AlwaysOn / High Availability Implementation Assessment
  • Performance & Bottleneck Tactical Assessment
  • Stretch Database Assessment (cold storage on Azure based on business rules)
  • Always Encrypted Assessment (data-at-rest and in-transit encryption) and many more…
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Hey I'm Mark, one of the guys behind Red9. I make a living performance tuning SQL Servers and making them more stable. I channel my SQL into our SQL Managed Services, SQL Consulting and our internal database products.

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