Performance Tuning Report – 340% CPU gain

Server Tuning Report

This tuning requires a bit of a different explanation.

In some cases, client server is pressure on different resources. The three resources/parameters when tuning we care most about are:

  • CPU
  • Storage
  • Duration

In this case, this stored procedure ran a LOT. It ran enough, to be the top CPU cycle consumer when looking at all T-SQL calls.

Server CPU was under heavy pressure. Somewhere around constant 70-80%.

Therefore we looked for a candidate that would reduce CPU usage.

You can see that Duration dropped some just a bit

Disk usage went up. Not ideal. But we knew CPU is what we tuning for. And as long as you got enough resources this type of trade off is OK.

CPU  usage cut by about 340% or 3 times less. Which is pretty great, since we really needed to get more CPU capacity.

SP tuning

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Mark Varnas

Mark Varnas

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