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Rare… Penetrating Knowledge of SQL

What a rare, great feeling it is to know when you hand off a project to someone, you can sit back and simply expect the best possible outcome. Mark's cool confidence and eagerness to deliver results are surpassed only by his deep penetrating knowledge of SQL. Whether it's design, development, optimization, or recovery, Mark is a SQL Gem.

David Lerner
President, Lerner Solutions

Complex and heavy 5,000+ concurrent connection databases need tuning, indexes, best practices, up-time, and smooth performance over all

Mark is an expert in large scale MS SQL Database environments which exceed 5,000+ concurrent connections. He has mastered the understanding of complex, heavy load TSQL transactions. When tuning, database structure, indexes, stored procedure, best practices, up-time, and smooth performance are all important, Mark is the type of DBA who truly knows how to keep these high standards. If you are growing, your feature sets are centered around MS SQL, then developers will benefit greatly from Mark's time to more efficiently write code. If you would like to sleep better at night and know your database will be running well in the morning, then I would recommend finding a DBA with the kind of skill set Mark has proven time and time again.

Tim Janssen
Application Manager, Service King

Significant Performance Improvement in minutes

In just a few minutes, Mark was able to find significant performance improvement opportunities in my database. These improvements were in areas I hadn’t even considered. Mark came up with many ideas; just the top 2 to 3 were enough to give us a significant performance boost. Mark has extensive knowledge when it comes to SQL Server. I can’t imagine there is anything he does not know. We plan to continue to work with him on a regular basis and continue to enjoy the benefits of his knowledge.

Kess Eburu
Founder and Director, GoodsExpress.com

With little notice, Mark was able to find and fix a number of different SQL misconfigurations and wasteful practices. After a weekend of work, the customer realized a 60% decrease in CPU utilization as a direct result of Mark's work.

On an urgent SQL issue, Mark did a great job. Our customer moved their SQL environment from a rack solution with Fiber SAN to the Azure cloud. Doing this exposed all of the wasteful IO practices they had in their SQL environment. With little notice, Mark was able to find and fix a number of different SQL misconfigurations and wasteful practices. After a weekend of work, the customer realized a 60% decrease in CPU utilization as a direct result of Mark's work.

Jason Milgram
Azure Practice Director, Champion Solutions Group, AllAware.com

Quickly identified and fixed SQL performance issues we had struggled with for weeks

I highly recommend Mark Varnas as a SQL Server DBA. Mark worked for us on a project for several months. Upon kicking off the project, Mark was able to quickly identify and fix several SQL performance issues we had been struggling to trace for several weeks. Additionally, he made several other recommendations and configuration changes that had a significant positive impact on database performance. I will absolutely use Mark again in the future, and would recommend him to anyone looking for a strong SQL DBA.

Nick Kelland
Vice President of Ops & IT , SJV & Associates

My site is flying now!

After SQL Database query tuning - My site is flying now! I have already have hired him three times. I am very happy I found him!

Emil Kadlec
Owner, Fantasy Sports Publications, Inc.

Played a significant role in developing our next generation technology blueprint

Mark is an excellent SQL Server DBA with strong analytical skills and a passion for learning new technology. He worked on my team at Nuance Communications for over a year and was not only a strong individual contributor, but also a great team player and project lead. He played a significant role in developing our next generation technology blueprint and was project lead for our database monitoring initiative. Mark would be a strong addition to any database organization.

Daniel Donahue
Manager, Database Administration

The right expertise when it's time sensitive

When we were faced with a major crisis that was time sensitive and needed the right expertise, Mark stepped in. In no time he found the cause of the problem and prepared a plan that got us back operating at 100% efficiency. Throughout the project he was always available and felt like a member of our team. Thank you Mark!

Radu Butarascu
.NET Software Engineer, SurferNETWORK, LLC

Yielded some very impressive results

The breadth and depth of knowledge of the Microsoft SQL Database platform and ancillary technology stack that Mark brought, has already yielded some very impressive results from both a physical and logical architecture perspective.

Preferred to stay anonymous

Top database architect instrumental in optimizing Amazon cloud SQL Instances

Mark is one of the top database architects I have worked with. Mark has been instrumental in the installation, configuration, and optimization of our SQL Server instances which are hosted through Amazon AWS. Mark's always pleasant to work with, and eager to assist his teammates. I hope to work with Mark in the future, and highly recommend him for senior level opportunities.

Sean Fitzgerald
Database Engineer, Kabbage, Inc

Highly regarded SQL database expertise

Mark proved to be a highly capable and productive resource for a valuable SolTech client. He provided complete end-to-end evaluation on database design, development and performance capacity and successfully executed those recommendations. Mark's SQL database expertise is highly regarded; looking forward to partnering with Mark again in the future.

Heather Linn
Talent Acquisition & Account Management Specialist, SolTech, Inc.

Expert SQL Server knowledge willing to go an extra mile

Working with Mark Varnas at Nuance Communications has been a pleasure. Mark is a great team player, has expert knowledge of SQL Server database administration, and is always willing to go an extra mile to get the project done.

J Daniel Gonzalez
Sr. Database Administrator, Nuance Communications

Proved invaluable on numerous occasions

Outstanding database administrator. Mark brings a broad range of experience and practical knowledge to his roles in supporting development practices and implementing database solutions. I've found him to be an intelligent, thoughtful and talented professional. Mark's expertise in SQL Server has proved invaluable on numerous occasions, particularly when dealing with customer issues requiring not only immediate assistance, but also strong analytical and problem solving skills. I recommend Mark highly to any corporation looking for an outstanding database administrator.

John Alexander Lopez
Senior Manager, Research and Development

Designed Clustering and Disaster Recovery solution, optimized TSQL code, immediately fixed SQL performance, setup monitoring, troubleshot server issues beyond the scope of SQL

[Mark Varnas] was involved in large SQL server projects. He worked on designing of Microsoft SQL Server Clustering and Disaster Recovery Real-Time solution, optimizing existing stored procedures and immediately fixing critical SQL Server performance bugs. He took on the responsibility to setup monitoring for all our servers with a completely new tool. As a senior DBA, he managed multiple SQL servers and could technically and quickly troubleshoot server issues, often beyond the scope of SQL issues. We had his support and utmost dedication on every critical incident we came through

Sanjay Konda
Senior DBA, Nuance Communications

Put my mind at ease

It has been a great pleasure working with Mark. From the get-go I could tell he knew what he was talking about, and he put my mind at ease. We will be using him going forward for everything database related. I would highly recommend him.

Mike Kennedy
Founder and Developer, Quicket.co.za

Solved my problem - Will be hiring again

Mark was able to remotely log in and solve the problem I had within the 24 hour window. I will be hiring Mark again for future support.

John B
Berkeley Lights, Inc.

Whole experience was excellent from start to finish.

SQL Server Replication - expert and professional assistance. My whole experience was excellent from start to finish. Red9 was willing to accept a job a bit outside of normal; I was really looking for was someone to provide some expert advice to a novice SQL Server admin. I needed some pointed training in replication of best practices and performance tuning. I understand that teaching is quite a different skill set than actually performing the tasks yourself, so Red9's ability to convey his points clearly and tailor them to my level of understanding was impressive. Red9 was also responsive to my request for a follow-up, and did a very good job communicating when setting up meeting times. I would not hesitate to recommend Red9 to anyone who has a need for expert and professional assistance with SQL Server. My whole experience was excellent from start to finish.

Jamey Saunders
System Engineer, Innovatum, Inc.

Stellar performance, attention to detail incredible, and very dependable. Mark consistently performs at a very high level

MSSQL 2012 DB maintenance plans and optimizations. Stellar performance as always. Mark's attention to detail is incredible, and he is very dependable and consistently performs at a very high level.

Rex Klein
Barryhund Administrators, Inc.

The Best

For MSSQL 2012 DB maintenance plans and optimizations, Mark is again the best SQL Server consultant… And I have worked with many.

Preferred to stay anonymous

As good as it gets.

I will say it again. If you are lucky enough to have Mark bid on your project, hire him. He is as good as it gets.

Rex Klein
Barryhund Administrators, Inc.

If you experiencing SQL issues – definitely recommended Red9

Immediate Repair - Server Off Line: Red9.com was extremely responsive and took the time to explain things to me on a level I could understand. I would definitely recommend him for others experiencing issues with SQL.

Connor L

Will definitely rehire again

Very experienced. Great to work with. Will definitely rehire again for other jobs.

Preferred to stay anonymous

Very pleased with the SQL Server 2012 install/configuration

Mark was very knowledgeable, professional and courteous. He was also very accessible which made for a quick resolution. I was very pleased with the work, and would certainly recommend his services.

Geoffrey Celhar
Director of Analytics, Poplicus

Very helpful and attentive.

Awesome contractor. Was very helpful and attentive.

Mike Doughty

Quick Resolution! - Server delay issue

Mark did a great job! Very knowledgeable in SQL and was also quick! I was in need of a good SQL database person and he was great!

Emil Kadlec
Owner, Fantasy Sports Publications, Inc.

Stored Procedure to Update RGB table value

Very good work and quick to respond. Hope to use again in the future.

Rowdy M

Completed everything in a shorter time than expected

Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He was able to solve issues that others weren't, advised better options for my business needs based on his experience with larger systems, and completed everything in a shorter time than expected.

Mark Fox
President, Solel Software

Could not say enough positive things about his level of skill and with intricate attention to detail

Resource was expert, accurate, extremely helpful, and could not say enough positive things about his level of skill and ability to understand the issues at hand and explain both at a high level and with intricate attention to detail. Will definitely hire again.

Joshua Abbey
Solution Architect/Principal, BackupSecurity.Net

Outstanding job

SQL database integration changes. Mark, again, did an outstanding job - was quick, very knowledgeable and professional. This was a second hire, and there will be more!

Emil Kadlec
Owner, Fantasy Sports Publications, Inc.

Win Server 2008R blowing 53 error suddenly

Mark is UNBELIEVABLE! We had a server connection issue plaguing us for over 3 weeks. We had 2 so-called professionals trying to figure out what the problem was, and after 3 weeks they were still scratching their heads! I hired Mark to investigate this issue. Within ONE HOUR Mark honed-in on the actual problem; advised us on what needed to be done with the Server Hosting company, and then within 30 minutes we finally had access to the crucial data we needed to run our business! Anyone looking for a TRUE professional regarding SQL or SQL Server, don't even bother looking elsewhere; Mark is the exactly the guy you want and need!

Joseph Rice
Senior American Assistance Benefit Assoc

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