SQL Server Monitoring and Alerting Services

24x7x365 SQL monitoring and alerting promises to avoid problems (ongoing or intermittent) and offer database health.

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Have you been dealing with:

  • Stability problems with SQL Server?
  • Slow SQL performance – ongoing or intermittent?
  • Errors you miss which end up causing an outage or service degradation?
  • You have lots of questions:
    • Once monitoring captures an error, how do you send an alert?
    • Which software or method will let you grow with it?
    • How do you make sure you are not over or under monitoring?
    • How do you send some alerts to some people and some to others?
    • What if someone goes on vacation?
    • How do you escalate alerts and have some go to email, text messages, Slack, or phone call?
    • Do you use PagerDuty or other third party service?
    • How do you distinguish between critical alerts and alerts that can wait?
    • Ideally, you want self-healing monitoring and alerting – but how do you execute something once an alert is triggered?


SQL monitoring and alerting will make your SQL more predictable, stable and prevent problems. It will provide insight into server capacity, database health, and query performance. 

Do you want:

  • Detect anomalies before they blow up into crises?
  • Improved stability and performance response times?
  • Clear issues quickly?
  • Real time notifications?
  • Deploy Microsoft and Industry best monitoring and alerting practices?
  • Auto detect the problem, auto create a ticket, get DBA working on it, and receive info on steps taken to fix it and what we did to prevent similar situations from happening in future?
  • Escalate issues when necessary?
  • Prevent problems proactively?
  • Customized solution that can grow with you?
  • Avoid after hours work?
  • Eliminate useless alerts you were going to ignore anyway?
  • Get only important and actionable alerts with desired thresholds and avoid interrupted dinners or being woken up by useless ones?
  • Never miss important server events?
  • Detect changes in critical environments?
  • Maintain vigilance for unusual activities?
  • Create a performance baseline so you can compare performance degradation & improvements over time?
  • Focus on things that really matter and leave SQL minutiae for someone else?
  • Easily identify slow or deadlocking SQL?

SQL Server monitoring will allow you to get a step ahead of future problems.

We deliver:

  • We cover performance problems and service degradations.
  • A customized SQL monitoring and alerting solution.
  • More reliable and stable SQL Server.
  • Our tracking solution keeps track of what’s been done.
  • Fast deployment.
  • We work with any major monitoring third party tools.
  • Customer-facing portal.

How we do it better:

  • Self-healing triggers and solutions
  • Lightweight monitoring
  • Performance tuning recommendations
  • Tier3 level DBAs only
  • Intellectual property is ready to be customized for your environment quickly


Don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients are saying:

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