SQL Server Business Intelligence Services

Build powerful reporting solutions so users can self-serve by writing and running their own reports. Build Data Warehouses that will allow you to make better business decisions and get better value from visualization products such as PowerBI, Tableau, Microstrategy, or others.

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Have you been dealing with:

  • Are internal & external users are asking for data and reports?
  • Are users wanting reports to be run with different parameters, different WHERE clauses, different joins, delivered over different means (email, PDF, HTML, etc.), scheduled? 
  • Are reporting requests using up a lot of your time? 
  • Are users frustrated they not getting reports in time?
  • Are users wanting to be notified if specific data changes by X amount or X percentage and you can’t easily deliver it?
  • Have reporting or data warehouse ETL jobs been causing performance issues on your transactional databases?


A proper Business Intelligence setup can deliver real-time data to your customers when they need it, in the beautiful format they want it.


Red9 builds data reporting and business intelligence solutions to provide fast and accurate reporting for improved decision-making.

Do you want:

Our business analytics and BI reporting expertise help clients drive better decisions regardless of business type and size. Our reporting and BI solutions improve operational efficiency.

We deliver:

  • Architect reporting solutions
    • Design beautiful dashboards – create customized visuals tailored to your business. Manage your information in a visually appealing way to monitor and analyze data with key performance indicators (KPI).
    • Real-time, easily accessible, and reliable – the way your reporting should be.
    • Build data warehouses from multiple data sources – doesn’t matter where data sources are on FTP, in CSV, XLSX, or TXT files, accessible over APIs, other database platforms.
  • Maximize SQL Server licensing
  • Reduce cost – architect solutions where reporting server may also be disaster recovery server.
  • Build ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes – to properly populate your reporting databases.
  • End-to-end business intelligence solutions from transactional data to reporting and beautiful visualizations.

How we do it better:

  • Data security – we use the highest level data protection practices available. On top of clients’ security, we add our own two-factor authentication, network segmentation, enterprise firewalls, security software, silos, vaults, and more.
    • Data protection – we have many procedures and processes in place to make sure your data is never at risk.
    • Architect data warehouse properly – build physical and logical models to design db model properly.
    • Expertise – we only employ Senior level DBAs with 10 years of experience or more. 
    • Compliance expertise – we are experts in working with clients who have PCI, HIPAA, SOX, compliance requirements.
    • Broad data skillset – we have a broad unmatched variety of skills: data warehouses, ETL, SSIS, SSRS, self-serve reporting, PowerBI, Tableau, MicroStrategy, Looker, Qlik, Snowflake, AWS Redshift, and more.
    • Flexible contract terms – we adjust SQL offerings to your custom business needs.
    • Full service
  • No surprise pricing – you will know what it will cost prior to getting started.
  • Microsoft trusts us to train other SQL DBA – we have Microsoft Certified Trainers on staff.

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