Remote SQL Server DBA Services

You and we know and appreciate the advantages of the in-house staff. Especially for IT work – server administration, database administration, programming, and support services. Yet, there’s a challenge every company management team faces sooner or later. How to ensure the competitive advantage while under constant pressure to minimize the costs?

Well, the remote DBA services present themselves as an efficient and cost-friendly alternative. As such, the remote SQL DBA services offer the comprehensive coverage and constant monitoring regarding the proper database administration, performance enhancements, issues resolution, consulting and support when demanded the most.

Remote SQL DBA Services at their finest

By embracing the advantages of the professional and affordable Remote DBA Services, our customers expect to access their database apps with no problems and delays. In addition, they can have a peace-of-mind regarding the operational uptime. We are determined to fit any specific budget and operational requirements. Here are some of our advantages that help us stand apart from competitors:

Part-time SQL DBA Services and On-Demand Consulting 

Only the fully customized consulting services can guarantee the results you are hoping to achieve. When you combine this characteristic with our willingness to respond on-demand, you get a powerful problem-solving team. We will guide you quickly and efficiently through the implementation process of any database administration, development, consolidation, migration or deployment project you can possibly think of.

Senior DBA Advisory Services and Architecture Review 

Our vast experience and resources allow us to support literally thousands of available database applications that cover various configurations and industries. Our work begins with a thorough evaluation of your current database environment from all angles. It’s a 360-degree audit. Then, we will come up with a list of the items that makes sense to implement.

Data Warehouses

Having a lot of operational data is great. But turning that data into business driving decisions is better. This is one of the key weapons most online giants use today. Finding data patterns will become as easy as few mouse clicks. When it comes to your Big Data project, we will help you with the most suitable concept to implement and support. We know how to handle all challenges associated with turning transactional databases into powerful and fast Data Warehouses, where lots of insightful data patterns can be found.

SQL DBA Training and Know-How Transfer 

We are eager to share our knowledge and know-how with our most trusted clients. If required we can come up with a specially designed training program that is perfectly suited for your current needs. We can put an emphasis on the issue you are facing today and teach your developers few tricks.

We Are a Trusted Provider to Team Up With 

By teaming up with our Remote SQL DBA Service provider, you are ensuring your database management competitive advantage in the market. Your database infrastructure may be simple or very complex. It’s all the same to our team of remote DBA experts who will take care of it before you know it.

How can Remote SQL DBA Services enhance your business?

Our remote SQL DBA Services can benefit your business in numerous ways. Here is a list of the most important benefits you can expect to gain as soon as our team gets down to work:

  1. The significant cost reduction. You can expect significant savings compared to the in-house full time DBA services. The great thing about remote services is that you pay only when you need them. You determine how long you are going to use them and how much you want to spend. There’s no need to pay for full-time staff for the work that can be a fraction of a full time resource.
  2. Month-to-month Flexible contracts. Our aim is to build long-term and trustworthy relationships. Who likes long term contracts? Not many. Majority of our business is on month-to-month agreements, which keeps everyone honest. When we know that we can lose you quickly, we tend to do better work (this applies not only to us, we just not afraid to say it), and its peace of mind for you. Our interest primarily lies in ensuring your satisfaction and positive reviews that can bring us more work.
  3. 100% money back guarantee. Every service provider likes to say that guarantees are included. For us this is much more than one more ear-catching phrase. We don’t wait to hear from you how do you feel and what you think about our services. Those are the questions we ask ourselves after every single task is done. We put the money where our mouth is.
    What’s the use of taking money from a customer that isn’t fully satisfied with the services received? Think about it the next time you are choosing your remote SQL DBA services provider.
    Oh, and yes, we offer 100% money back guarantee. With a simple request, for services, please request it after five business days. This just covers us so we don’t work on a project for four months, complete it successfully and then have to return all the money. That would be just nuts.
  4. Fully customizable engagements. We have helped hundreds of companies to significantly reduce their database support costs. We offer the remote engagements that are totally customized to your environment. Our database support experts are patient listeners and quick doers.
  5. The proven expertise that works for your business. Again, we aren’t sweet talkers, but rather hard workers. We did some math and came up with a number we can be proud of. We have accumulated more than two decades of working experience and services provided. Can you believe it? We have successfully managed thousands of the various databases across the most complex and demanding environments in most industries.
  6. Quick remediation of your database issues. Make no mistake about it. Your support requests will be treated as our priorities. When we get your urgent call for help, we will put our support pedal to the metal. The more you wait, the more your business suffers. At the same time, our reputation is at stake. That’s the best guarantee that your database problem will be solved as quickly as possible. We are not magicians and we can’t guarantee that your problems will disappear in a blink of an eye. However, we are confident that we can solve them before they escalate and cause more damage.
  7. Enhanced productivity and efficiency. As soon as we begin providing our services, you will be able to monitor the progress in every segment influenced by our activities. You will notice how your system performance improves. In addition, the number of critical incidents will dramatically decrease. As a result, your overall productivity and efficiency will be enhanced beyond the most optimistic expectations.
  8. Taking the burden off your shoulders. With our support working by your side, you will have fewer worries to be concerned about. Thanks to our dedicated DBA team, we will deliver the fully secured and optimized framework. It’s a huge relief to have someone else take care of your data-related issues and challenges on a daily basis. We will implement so many useful SQL items for a fraction of the cost in-house full time person would have hard time trying to match it.
  9. Incorporating the best practices in the industry. We don’t take the remote SQL DBA services for granted. This means that we keep a close eye on the most recent developments and improvements in the industry. The best practices proven are immediately implemented into our standard operating procedures. That’s the only way to ensure the competitive edge for both our customers and our support team.
  10. The proactive no-matter-where-and-when monitoring and support. It’s a nice thing to say that your customers can count on your support 24X7X365. However, in the real business life this can be a quite challenge for the remote DBA services. If you lack resources or manpower you can easily let your customers down at the hour of their deepest need. Rest assured that’s not going to happen when you get in touch with our database support team.

Why is Red9 DBA PERFECT as your Remote DBA?

Are you interested in getting the most out of your SQL servers? Are you interested in squeezing the last 1% of performance out of current hardware? We are a pioneer and leader in the field of Data Infrastructure Management. You should know that we are one of the very few companies that ensure the full support for Microsoft SQL Server, we don’t support other platforms such as Sybase, Oracle, IBM DB2, and MySQL on purpose (you can’t be good at everything).

Our remote SQL DBA service team have improved thousands of databases for more than 140 clients worldwide. Large number of those fully satisfied clients can be found at the Fortune 1,000 and Forbes 500 lists. The company’s international Data Operations Center is headquartered North of Atlanta.

Remote SQL Server DBA Services Summary

Remote SQL Server DBA Services are a great cost-efficient solution that can improve your databases in many ways. The list of benefits includes cost reductions, flexible contracts, rock-solid guarantees, customizable engagements, proven expertise, quick remediation, enhanced productivity, best practices, increased security, and 24/7 support.