What is the t key to SQL Upgrades project success? Preparation. Prep work is going to take 80-90% of the time. SQL Server install and setup is going to be an easy part. Why is that important? Because to do this right – you only get one try! Or rollback is real nasty—a ton … Read more

SQL Server is Microsoft’s main data platform. It is one of the best operational database management system (ODBMS). This article lists all the official builds of Microsoft SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008R2 that has been released.   SQL Server 2019 MS SQL Server 2019 code name is ​Aris ​, which is product … Read more

  To encrypt drives for AlwaysOn, I would suggest these steps: – Do encryption during low usage hours. – encrypt drives on SECONDARY first. Without taking AlwaysOn offline. Do this during a low usage time slot. – Do one drive at a time. – Give a bit of time for IO to catch up. I’d … Read more

Problem Summary Deadlocks are a common problem handled by SQL Server automatically. Nevertheless, you have to make sure that you minimize deadlocks as much as possible because every rolled back transaction negatively influences your end-users. In many cases, we can fix or reduce them using index tuning. Sometimes, we need to go deeper into every … Read more

Real sample The query plan below was extracted from a  stored procedure that was found during database Assessments. It was causing a high number of deadlocks during peak hours in the client’s server. The query plan In query plans where an Eager Index Spool is directly after a data access operator, a missing index should … Read more

Real sample Here what can be done during a session of SQL performance tuning. This query was running for a long time, causing a blocking chain and High CPU usage. It was also preventing other sessions and the index maintenance job from completing. Test environment All the tests were executed on the DEV server against … Read more

Problem Summary: Queries take a longer time than usual in processing. Suddenly, the queries that were fast before became slower. There are many reasons why a SQL server may be running slow. Finding the root cause of a slow server is complicated because of the extensive list of potential culprits. Detecting the issue Most of … Read more

Problem Summary: The client was experiencing severe SQL Server performance issues; Multiple queries were taking 1, 5, 10 minutes or longer or timing out; The CPU usage was reaching  100% many times during the day long; Detecting the problem We started monitoring the SQL Server environment. A comprehensive methodology was applied to look at various … Read more

Problem Summary: Finding the right high availability option can be difficult. Which choice is right for you can depend on the following: Budget – first and foremost, can you afford the HA solution you are looking for? Needs – what are the business requirements?  Service Level Agreement (SLA), Recovery Time Objective (RTO), and Recovery Point Objective … Read more

Problem Summary: One of the biggest challenges in creating an Azure Managed Instance is determining the resource limits. In this case study, we use the Microsoft guidelines and the SQL Server Distributed Replay feature to assess a SQL Server migration and choose the right service tier. The Distributed Replay Test Current Production (Source Server):  48 … Read more

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