SQL Server Design and Development

Get custom TSQL developed by our data experts: stored procedures, views, triggers, automation, SQLAgent jobs, SSIS packages, SSRS reports, PowerShell automation. Anything.

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Have you been dealing with:

  • Lack of SQL development expertise internally?
  • Not enough available help to develop or automate something you need?
  • Lost a DBA and need an expert to take over?
  • Inability to deliver reporting easily?

Do you want:

Poorly designed databases can lead to lost productivity, frustration and make it difficult or impossible to develop new features. Simple design that functions well is not always easy to achieve, at Red9 we plan and execute with the future in mind.

We deliver:

  • Architecture, development, quality assurance and testing for any TSQL
    • Stored procedures
    • Views
    • Triggers
    • SQLAgent jobs
    • etc.
  • SSIS or Azure Data Factory package development
  • SSRS report writing
  • SSAS cube development
  • ETL jobs 
  • PowerShell automation scripts
  • Proper database design:
    • DB diagrams 
    • Stakeholder interviews
    • Reverse engineering
    • TSQL development
    • Physical & logical design
    • Automation
    • ETL
    • SSIS development.
  At Red9, our expert team can save you time and money. We help companies avoid poor architecture and design which can be the root cause of future costly stability and performance issues. 

How we do it better:

  • Data security – we use bank-level security.
  • Expertise – we only employ Senior level DBAs with 10 years of experience or more. 
  • Compliance expertise – we are fully aware of compliance and security requirements required for working with clients who operate in PCI, HIPAA, SOX, and others compliance standards.
  • We provide T-SQL scripts so you can push out the changes through your change management. 
  • We have architected, developed and maintained many high transactional and data warehousing environments.

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