Our Core Values

Our Promise:

We can’t promise your database will not ever slow down, experience an outage or corruption and work perfectly all the time.

What we do promise, is that if something goes wrong, we won’t sleep until you can.

Our Core Obsessions:

At Red9, we pride ourselves in providing our expert SQL Server services with a focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience. Our team lives and breathes the following six Core Obsessions:

  1. Keep your word
  2. Client data under risk is never acceptable
  3. Prevent the preventable
  4. Good communication prevents a lot of issues
  5. Do it right!
  6. Keep learning

What Our Clients Say

Stellar performance, attention to detail incredible, and very dependable. Mark consistently performs at a very high level

MSSQL 2012 DB maintenance plans and optimizations. Stellar performance as always. Mark's attention to detail is incredible, and he is very dependable and consistently performs at a very high level.

Rex Klein
Barryhund Administrators, Inc.

Solved my problem - Will be hiring again

Mark was able to remotely log in and solve the problem I had within the 24 hour window. I will be hiring Mark again for future support.

John B
Berkeley Lights, Inc.

Put my mind at ease

It has been a great pleasure working with Mark. From the get-go I could tell he knew what he was talking about, and he put my mind at ease. We will be using him going forward for everything database related. I would highly recommend him.

Mike Kennedy
Founder and Developer, Quicket.co.za