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What do DBAs dedicated to WaldorfMaryland, MD market do?

Number one requested SQL Service in Waldorf is Performance Tuning.

Slow SQL server is never good. Recently Atlanta DBAs worked for a client with 5,000 employees and 300+ locations. Client has been on acquisition path and was acquiring about 60-80 locations per year.

Acquisitions were put on hold, because internal applications that staff used were becoming too slow. Many operations were starting to take 20-30 seconds and others simply never finish.

To make it worse, SQL cluster was rebooting at random times and often during business hours. Causing SQL outages of 5 min to 30-45 min every time. Multiple that by 5,000 employees that can not do work or lose work and this quickly become a problem. Multiple that by 2-3 times per day, and this becomes a MAJOR problem.

Internally company thought, that they had several options:

  1. Upgrade hardware
  2. Put acquisitions on hold
  3. Re-factor the application

Client was starting to question can current application architecture support all future shops and employees they were planning to add in next 3-5 years.

This is when red9 DBAs were engaged.

Our DBA team has quickly figured out why SQL cluster was failing over and unstable. MS Cluster was not setup properly. This was causing instability.

Many SQL clusters are setup by sysadmins. Which may have a few clusters in the past or often not. And as with many Microsoft applications, it seems perfectly reasonable to just click “next, next, next” about twenty seven times and now you got a shiny new cluster.

Well… This is NOT how Microsoft Clusters need to be configured.

Stable Microsoft Failover cluster preparation takes about 75% of time. This means you will spend about 75% of time in preparing nodes, SAN volumes, networking, and other components before Failover Clustering feature is installed. When prep work is complete, the rest of the setup performing post cluster installation items, installing and configuring SQL Server, adding cluster nodes, testing failovers, etc.

To make long story short, red9 DBA fixed random failovers and cluster instability in a few days. The rest of the cluster fixes were scheduled to implemented in the coming 60 days as some changes once cluster is operations are hard to change.

Today cluster stays stable for 90 days no problem (and then it gets rebooted, patches installed as part of the normal maintenance schedule).

Next red9 DBA did comprehensive SQL Server Health Check. That uncovered about close to 60 issues that could have been done better. About 30% were low hanging fruit. Those items got implemented in about a week.

The rest of the items, took a bit longer to fix. And over next few months, red9 and client worked together to do all the changes.

Later red9 has trained application developers of what to think about if they want to build fast performing applications from SQL Server standpoint. Training was so valuable that it was repeated for several times as a refresher course.

Soon, performance was faster than anyone could remember. Slow application performance went away.

Today, SQL cluster is very stable, SQL runs fast, and there is no unpredictability anymore.

So this is just one of the many example what red Waldorf,  Maryland, MD DBA  can do for you.

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