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Except where otherwise noted, all Content on this website is copyright © Solution Square, Inc. doing business as Red9 (“Red9”), 2003-2023, and all rights are reserved to Red9 (or its licensors, if applicable). Some Content is available under another license, such as one of the Creative Commons licenses, and is explicitly marked as such.

Any Software that is made available to you to download from this website is the copyrighted work of Red9 and/or one or more third parties. Your use of any such Software is governed by the terms of the applicable license which accompanies, is included with, or referenced in the Software, such as in a “readme” file, and you agree to abide by applicable licenses. The Terms of Use shall not be deemed to replace or otherwise amend any rights or obligations which may exist pursuant to Software licensed pursuant to an applicable version of the GNU General Public License or Lesser General Public License.