"The speed overall has been night and day [after SQL tuning in comparison] to the the last week."
David Lerner
President at Lerner Solutions, New York
Mark did a great job. Our customer moved their SQL environment from a rack solution with Fiber SAN to the Azure cloud. Doing this exposed all of the wasteful IO practices they had in their SQL environment. With little notice Mark was able to find and fix a number of different SQL misconfigurations and wasteful practices. After a weekend of work the customer realized a 60% decrease in CPU utilization as a direct result of Mark's work. 
Mark is an excellent SQL Server DBA with strong analytical skills and a passion for learning new technology. He worked on my team at Nuance communications for over a year and was not only a strong individual contributor but also a great team player and project lead. He played a significant role in developing our next generation technology blueprint and was project lead for our database monitoring initiative. Mark would be a strong addition to any database organization.
Daniel Donahue
Mark proved to be a highly capable and productive resource for a valuable SolTech client. He provided complete end-to-end evaluation from a database design, development and performance capacity and successfully executed against those recommendations. Mark's SQL database expertise is highly regarded and looking forward to partnering with Mark again in the future.
Heather Linn
What a rare, great feeling it is to know that when you hand off a project to someone, you can sit back and simply expect the best possible outcome. Mark's cool confidence and eagerness to deliver results are surpassed only by his deep penetrating knowledge of SQL. Whether it's design, development, optimization, or recovery, Mark is a SQL Gem.
David Lerner
I highly recommend Mark V as a SQL Server DBA. Mark worked for us on a project for several months. Upon kicking off the project, Mark was able to quickly identify and fix several SQL performance issues that we had been struggling to trace for several weeks. Additionally, he made several other recommendations and configuration changes that had a significant positive impact on database performance. I will absolutely use Mark again in the future and would recommend him to anyone looking for a strong SQL DBA.
Nick Kelland
Mark brings a broad range of experience and practical knowledge to his roles in supporting development practices and implementing database solutions. I've found him to be an intelligent, thoughtful and talented professional.Mark's expertise in SQL Server has proved invaluable on numerous occasions, particularly when dealing with customer issues that require not only immediate assistance but also strong analytical and problem solving skills.I recommend Mark highly to any corporation looking for an outstanding database administrator.
John Alexander Lopez
Senior Principal Database Architect at Nuance Communications, Canada
Working with Mark V at Nuance Communications has been a pleasure. Mark is a great team player, has expert knowledge of SQL Server database administration, and is always willing to go the extra mile to the project done.
J Daniel Gonzalez
Sr. Database Administrator, Nuance Communications, Boston, MA
Stellar performance as always. Marks attention to detail is incredible, and he is very dependable and consistently performs at a very high level. Really he is the best of Elance.
Barry Hund
I am writing this letter as a personal reference for Mr. Mark V.I worked with him at Nuance communications. He was involved in large SQL server projects. He designed of Microsoft SQL Server Clustering and Disaster Recovery Real-Time solutions, optimized existing stored procedures and immediately fixed critical SQL Server performance bugs. He took on the responsibility of setting up SQL monitoring for all our servers with a completely new tool.As a senior DBA, he managed multiple SQL servers and could technically and quickly troubleshoot SQL Server issues, often beyond the scope of SQL issues.We had his support and utmost dedication on every critical incident.
Sanjay Konda
Senior SQL Server DBA at Nuance Communications, Boston, MA
Mark V was willing to accept a job that was a bit outside of normal, in that what I was really looking for was someone to provide some expert advice to a novice SQL Server admin. I needed some pointed training in replication best practices and performance tuning. I understand that teaching is quite a different skill set than actually performing the tasks yourself, so Mark V's ability to convey his points clearly and tailor them to my level of understanding was impressive. Mark V was also responsive to my request for a follow-up, and did a very good job communicating when setting up meeting times. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark V to anyone who has a need for expert and professional assistance with SQL Server. My whole experience with him was excellent from start to finish.
Jamey Saunders