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St Louis, Missouri Microsoft SQL Server Consultant

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Database Assessments

Assessment and health checks to ensure precision and confidence.

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Database Consulting

Expert DBA Consultants to suit your needs.
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Performance Tuning

Thorough performance tuning with Microsoft best practices.

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Support Services

24/7 proactive and reactive support.

Red9 is unique in that we deploy SQL Monitoring software at our own cost for clients in St Louis. Therefore, as a client, you don’t have to worry about purchasing any of the software licenses yourself. We handle 100% of the process.

We work with both on-premise and cloud solutions and offer support for Amazon AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Our certified team of experts have helped companies in Unknown County reduce response times, improve performance, and cut costs.

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We offer instant access to certified DBAs, 24/7 monitoring and support and best practice advice and consulting with any of the following services:

  • Database Assessments
  • Database Migrations
  • Database Performance Tuning
  • Database Consulting
  • Database Administrator as a Service
  • Database Upgrades
  • Remote DBA Services
  • Database Monitoring
  • Database Projects
  • Database Development
  • Database Lifecycle Management

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About Our St Louis SQL Services:

St Louis SQL Database Management

Rather than hiring a full-time DBA in St Louis, we exist to watch your databases around the clock and make sure that they are secure and operating efficiently. As a Managed Server Provider (MSP), we implement best practices to help minimize the risk of your business experiencing downtime and bring you the same level of service and support as a full-time experienced DBA at a fraction of the cost.

All of the following services will be automatically taken care of for you:

  • Database Backups
  • Routine & Proactive Maintenance
  • Indexing Tuning
  • Proactive Alerting
  • Database Performance Monitoring
  • SQL Server Updates, Service Packs and Cumulative Updates
  • Advanced Performance Tuning
  • Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • Statistics Maintenance
  • SQL Server Troubleshooting
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • AlwaysOn, Replication, Log Shipping
  • SQL Reboots

Microsoft SQL Server Performance Tuning in St Louis

Our team of senior-level remote DBAs ensure that your SQL Server is following all Microsoft best practices and is functioning flawlessly in the short term and prepared for the long term.

We will tune server settings, hardware setup, indexing, backups strategy, review security practices, review if SQL Server features are being utilized properly and if you are taking advantage of some of the less known features, review SQL Agent jobs, slow running T-SQL statements and SSRS reports – anything that could cause immediate stability and performance problems. When immediate problems are solved we will prepare the server for long term – review and optimize SQL Server licensing, Disaster Recovery (DR), Clustering, AlwaysOn, Log shipping, Replication, review ETL jobs, database utilization, and consolidation.

Below are some of the main checks our Expert DBA perform to ensure optimum stability and performance for your St Louis, Missouri business:

  • Performance Tune Hardware – Storage and networking hardware failures don’t break the SQL Server, but they will slow it down.
  • Performance Tune Windows OS settings – SQL Server runs on top of Windows, therefore its important Operating System is set up for that. By default – it is not.
  • Performance Tune Indexes – we check to see if there are too many indexes, duplicate indexes, lack of indexes and many other potential issues.
  • Measure Before and After Performance – Before tuning any SQL or stored procedures we get execution statistics before making changes. Then we make changes. Then measure after effects and send you a report with both performance numbers.
  • Performance Tune Architecture – A poor architecture can also bring the most expensive hardware on its knees. Fast database performance – is never an accident. There isn’t one correct or incorrect architecture, though one example is a database with one data file. Often having data landed on multiple data files and indexes outside of data files – makes things faster. You can also now take advantage of multipath storage IO reading the same table or index from multiple drives rather than one.

There are many other reasons why you might need to tune your server, though these are a few of the most common services we perform when fine tuning servers in St Louis.

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St Louis SQL Server Health Check

Our general health checks serve as the basis for stability, security, maintenance, performance tuning, troubleshooting, and disaster recovery. In addition, a health check performed by an expert SQL Server consultant will increase stability, reduce down time and eliminate poor performance.

A SQL Server health check is also a great opportunity to check that the server is using Microsoft’s best practices which helps even further to optimize it for better performance. Some issues often found in a SQL health check include maintenance problems, bad backup strategies, Windows event log errors, and poor configurations. We run health check and routine maintenance, which automatically alerts us of the following issues:

  • Best Practices – There are over 300 checks that we deploy to ensure your SQL Server is following best practices
  • Configurations – Are there errors or misconfigurations that are negatively impacting the server?
  • Security – Is there anything that could potentially lead to a breach in security?
  • Database Maintenance – Is anything outdated? Does everything follow Microsoft’s best practices?
  • Server Availability – What are our downtime risks? How can we minimize risks?
  • Backups – Are backups properly configured ?

For a more comprehensive list, check out this checklist.

SQL Server Management in St Louis

We deploy our software or custom code to capture activity in the database server. So if an IT manager in Missouri wants to know why something was slow on Monday at 3pm, we can pinpoint the activity and answer exactly what caused the interruption.

Our monitoring process aims to address the following:

  1. Capture baseline
  2. Alert when errors are happening or about to happen
  3. Run automatic jobs where possible to self heal
  4. Prioritize problems
  5. Have Database Administrator review manually
  6. Implement the fix
  7. Implement the fix for long term

After taking note of SQL Server performance, changes, and availability, we also dive into capacity planning. This simply means if your server can handle future capacity. If not, how soon does it need to be upgraded? If your data grows by 5TB per year, can you handle next year with accelerated growth and if not, how soon will you need to upgrade?

St Louis, Missouri Performance Tuning Case Studies by Red9

During this case, client server is pressure on different resources. The three resources/parameters when tuning we care most about are CPU, storage, duration. Server CPU was under heavy pressure so we looked for a candidate that would reduce CPU usage. CPU usage was cut by about 340% or 3 times less.

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Red9 Client Testimonials for St Louis, Missouri

Great deal of experience with performance monitoring

Red9 has a great deal of experience with performance monitoring management inside of SQL, which was super critical for us. Our client was experiencing performance issues because a third-party vendor was implementing software sub-optimally on the infrastructure we implemented and hosted. We engaged red9 for senior SQL expertise to evaluate and fix the problem. red9 did a deep performance assessment, identified that the problem was in the software implementation and what improvements were needed, implemented those improvements, and then measured and documented the difference in performance. Because of red9, we were able to show our client the root cause of their problem and the quantifiable difference it made for their business after the problem was fixed. Beyond deep technical expertise, communication is very important to us. red9 was timely in responses, met set expectations and timelines, and kept us in the loop when an unexpected issue came up. I would absolutely recommend red9.

Rob McDonald, COO/CISO & Principal, Versa-Tek (IT support, management, infrastructure provider).

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SQL Certification Classes in St Louis, Missouri

If you are looking to become SQL certified there are lots of opportunities in St Louis, Missouri for you to take classes.

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