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Red9 provides SQL Server Services in {{city}}, {{state}} market.

Slow database performance can slow EVERYTHING down: order processing, customer support, email, internal applications, websites, third party applications, etc. Outdated databases mean you are not using the best features  available, which means your database performance is lower than it could be.

Basic principles of SQL Server database administration have changed little over time. Each version of SQL Server continues to offer valuable features and reasons to upgrade to the latest SQL Server version. When {{service1}} services  are needed, we jump in and help you.

Full time database administrator is expensive. Nobody (almost) wants a Junior DBA, and most businesses prefer Senior level DBA. This is where we come in. red9 can provide an on-demand {{service2}} for your business .

In the past only companies of 50+ employees would bring in a Sr. SQL Server DBA. Today, most companies have internal databases or third party applications that depends on databases, which makes a need for DBA more common. Which increases demand for database admins and means that if you are looking for one in {{city}}, it will be pretty hard to find.

We specialized ONLY in Microsoft SQL Server. That means you get unrivalled expertise. SQL Server is a very large product (think of Microsoft Excel – do you know all the features that it is capable of?), therefore it would be hard to provide services for SQL Server and other database engines. Which means you get expertise that you would not probably get from firms that service all database engines.

Today our average DBA dedicated to {{service2}} market has 15 years of experience and is certified by Microsoft. This means that we know MSSQL Server inside out and will be able to offer top notch help.

We provide many SQL Services for {{city}} market:

  • Emergency DBA support
  • Remote DBA services
  • Performance tuning
  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Project work
  • Monitoring
  • Backups
  • Maintenance
  • Alerting
  • 24X7X365 support
  • Tier 1, 2 and 3 support
  • Upgrades
  • Migrations
  • Management
  • Business intelligence

…and much more.

Rely on our DBA team dedicated to {{city}} us as much or as little as you need!