Installing SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools) 2019

The Business Intelligence platform has been changing on each new version. In the beginning, it was part of the SQL Server setup, and then since SQL Server 2014 started to be distributed separately. Also, the name of this tool and its installation method started to vary from version to version of Visual Studio (VS). For […]

The definitive guide for Microsoft SQL Server licensing

The Microsoft SQL Server Licensing Guide is really not long and contains just over fifty pages. However, the challenge here is that it refers to other related memos and manuals such as Capacity Guide, Volume Licensing Guide, SQL Server Virtualization Guide, etc. So, to address the challenge, the most straightforward way would be to familiarize […]

Different ways to sync SQL Server data from Azure to on-premise SQL Server

As Cloud computing is getting more popular, many companies choose to deploy a hybrid environment using a mix of on-premises data centers and public clouds. Microsoft Azure allows users to synchronize tables or databases between Azure SQL Databases (Azure Cloud) and on-premises SQL Server databases. Moving data around efficiently in a hybrid cloud environment is […]

MS SQL Server Migration: AWS RDS vs. Azure SQL Database

Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure are excellent options for deploying MS SQL Server databases. Many companies use both to enjoy each Cloud’s unique feature set. However, it’s essential to compare the features, advantages, and limitations between them before you decide on an Amazon AWS or Azure migration. In this post, we’ll see a high-level of […]

How to check for updates in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)?

Category: reliability Item: SSMS missing updates Microsoft has made SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) a product on its own and is providing updates directly for the product. It is a good practice to keep your SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) healthy by updating when needed. Updates are essential, especially from a security point of view. […]

How to migrate SQL Server to Azure SQL database

Azure SQL Database is a fully managed service. With this platform as a service (PaSS) option, organizations can reduce management overhead and quickly deliver highly resilient services. Azure SQL Database uses the latest stable version of the Microsoft SQL Server database engine (Currently similar to SQL Server 2019). Azure delivers predictable performance at multiple service […]

Microsoft SQL Server migration strategies to AWS

Let’s assume that you have a SQL Server workload on Premises and want to take those to the cloud. You have two options for MS SQL Server migration to aws. The first option is a self-managed option which would be installing SQL Server on EC2 (Elastic Compute cloud). To simplify, you get a virtual machine, […]

[2022] 145 Point SQL Server Database Health Checklist

Our FULL SQL Server health check will cover a complete SQL Server health checklist of items on-premises and cloud-based DBMS services. Hardware, operating system, SQL server configuration, security (users), availability, load (amount and type of access), operation (maintenance and monitoring plans), disaster recovery, and much more will be analyzed. Some clients want to check server health […]