Amazon RDS: The complete guide for AWS Managed Instance

Looking for Amazon RDS (AWS RDS) SQL Server content? Step-by-step guides? Start here.  Basics: An introduction to Amazon RDS:  What is Amazon RDS? What is AWS RDS used for? Why do you want a managed SQL Server or relational database service? Is RDS SaaS? Discover how to get started migrating SQL to the cloud. Amazon […]

Main differences between MS SQL Server native backup and 3rd party tools

One of the essential responsibilities of SQL Server DBAs includes planning and implementing proper Backup and Recovery. There are various methods and tools for performing SQL Server backups, with each one having its advantages and disadvantages. Here is a bunch of text explaining that section. Here is a bunch of text explaining that section. Here is a bunch […]

Database Assessments

Bring your data to Red9 and ensure that your SQL Server infrastructure on-premise or on cloud is deployed in a way that is optimal for your needs. Our Database Assessments is a customized service focused on delivering bright pieces of evidence about the status of your database system performance and maintenance strategy. This is a […]

SQL Server Monitoring Software Tools

Monitoring SQL Server is part of any critical SQL Server infrastructure. How and what to monitor can be tricky Here are few ways to accomplish SQL Server monitoring 3rd party SQL Software tools:  Red-Gate – I have heard good things. Never used it in a real world situation, so I can’t tell you much. Idera SQL […]

SQL Server High Availability

If you need to introduce a high availability solution for one of your SQL Server databases, then there’s lots of confusion as to what it the right option for you. Given the number of options available it may make you unsure which implementation will meet the needs of your business. Review these tips to learn […]

Installing SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools) 2019

The Business Intelligence platform has been changing on each new version. In the beginning, it was part of the SQL Server setup, and then since SQL Server 2014 started to be distributed separately. Also, the name of this tool and its installation method started to vary from version to version of Visual Studio (VS). For […]

How to fix Recovery Pending State in SQL Server?

This post will explain why a database operates in a RECOVERY PENDING state and show you some Methods to Fix it. These are technical processes. If you do not have the confidence to settle this problem, you can use our emergency SQL Support to help you do it in a simple and effective way. How to […]

Case study – Stored procedure 354 faster!

Here what can be done during a session of SQL performance tuning. Problem summary Slow store procedure. This query was running for a long time, causing a blocking chain and High CPU usage. What was done Added these two new indexes: Total improvement As expected, the same output (result set) was presented by the original and […]

Case study – Proactive action to prevent possible issues

This is an excellent example of what you can get by teaming up with our part-time SQL DBA Service provider. Our daily checks include many aspects of SQL Server and some aspects of hardware, such as CPU, memory, disk space, etc. This is a proactive action to prevent possible issues and problems that may cause […]

Case study – Stored procedure 181x faster

Here is another significant improvement. Problem summary Slow procedure killing SQL Server performance. The client was experiencing severe issues with the application stability. What we done To improve it, we created an indexed view to improve the store procedure performance. Total improvement Sometimes changes can make TSQL run 20,000% faster, sometimes 50%, other times slicing […]