SQL Performance Tuning Report – 589x faster!

Case study #16

Here is another recent SQL Server performance tuning report.

The stored procedure below was one of the most called on the client’s SQL Server.

Improvements achieved

  • CPU from 50 to 1
  • Reads from 2,496 to 8
  • Duration from 227 to 1

What changes made this query run faster?

  • Dropped the IX_ClientID_OrderDate;
  • Added the index IX_ClientID_OrderDate_WorkOrderNumber;

That’s it! That simple!

Why do you merge two indexes into a single one?

Because indexing is not free. The less indexes you can get away with, the faster your SQL Server run.

Imagine how fast we could make your SQL Server go!



I am an Enterprise SQL Server Database Administrator with 10+ years of experience working with complex transactional environments.

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