[case study] SQL performance tuning report and how we made TSQL run 13 times faster! How did we do it?

Today I am sharing another MS SQL Performance tuning report from recent tuning.

Improvements after Red9 SQL Server tuning 

After making a couple of small tweaks to the SQL Server stored procedure we were able to get few improvements

  1. Run time duration improved by: 638%
  2. CPU improved by: 378%
  3. Disk improved by: 312%

Overall stored procedure improvement: 13x faster!

The green block above shows the SQL Server Stored Procedure performance AFTER tuning.

What changes made this query run faster?

  • Removed SQL function from where clause (subquery);
  • Removed unused columns from a temporary tables;
  • Replaced two temporary tables with CTE;

Why should you avoid SQL Server functions in the WHERE clause for Performance?

When  functions are used in the WHERE clause this forces SQL Server to do a table scan or index scan  instead of doing an index seek if there is an index that can be used.

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