[New Record] We did SQL Server Performance Tuning and now its 75,336% faster(not a typo)! How did we do it?

Case Study … and a new tuning record!

We do a lot of performance tuning of slow SQL Server code.

In this example, I will show you how we set our personal best record!

75,336 % improvement in stored procedure performance!

Improvements achieved:

  • CPU from 18,922 to 1,249
  • Reads from 12,850,589 to 18,532
  • Duration from 30,682 to 685

It is 753x faster!

What was changed?

A SELECT with four JOINS became two SELECTs using a UNION.

That’s it. That simple!

Got any proof?

Obviously, we can just paste client code here. But here is what I can show you.

Below you will see a capture of BEFORE vs. AFTER performance tuning run. SQL proc performance BEFORE it was tuned and AFTER it was tuned.

SQL tuned run duration

Agree? Disagree? Comment below.

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We tune slow SQL Servers every day. For over a DECADE now. Contact us!

Mark Varnas

Mark Varnas

Hey I'm Mark, one of the guys behind Red9. I make a living performance tuning SQL Servers and making them more stable. I channel my SQL into our SQL Managed Services, SQL Consulting and our internal database products.

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