[Case Study] We did SQL Server Performance Tuning and now its 877% faster(not a typo)! How did we do it?

Real example #3

Some SQL Server Consulting clients chose to tune databases periodically.

This is one of those clients.

Here is a recent example of performance tuning slow MS SQL Server Stored Procedure.

And here is a capture from SQL Server Profiler to compare BEFORE vs. AFTER tuning results.

How did we do it?


Two main things happened here:

1. SQL Cursor changed from Local to Fast Forward (cant replace the SQL cursor, because this is a third party application and we are limited on what we can do).

2. Indexes hint was added to force specific index usage.

That’s it! That simple!

Imagine how fast we could make your SQL Server go!

See more SQL Server Performance Optimization examples here.

We tune slow SQL Servers every day. For over a DECADE now. Contact us!

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Hey I'm Mark, one of the guys behind Red9. I make a living performance tuning SQL Servers and making them more stable. I channel my SQL into our SQL Managed Services, SQL Consulting and our internal database products.

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