Before vs. After Perf Tuning Report #8

Speed improved by: 4,763% + 550% + 1,726% or 7,039% total improvement.

Not bad for results that we got before I ate my serial in the morning.


Here is another SQL Server performance tuning report. Before vs. After.

“Before” – shows numbers before we made any changes.

“After” – shows performance numbers after we made some changes in the database to improve slow sql calls.


This report shows three queries that run a lot faster now.

First query improved by 4,763%.

Second query improved by 550%.

Third query improved by 1,726%.


First query:

sql server performance tuning frequently running query 01

Second query:


Third query:

What changes made these queries run faster?

Item #1 (SELECT that runs every 30 minutes)
– Created index [IX_extra_6__INC] on [oehdraud_sql] ;

Item #2 (UPDATE bins set bin_flag=1 )
– Created index IX__bin_flag__INC on [<removed>_ldbld_bins] ;

Item #3 – Tuning procedure ( <removed>_DealerPortal_UpdateCustomerLevel )
– Replace 2 temporary tables with CTE.


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