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  • Thanks for nice comparison.
    I will try to answer some questions related to managed instance.
    Instead of AD there are AAD users (same as in azure sql database). Not identical to AD logins (i.e. scoped only to database), but they are some kind of replacement.
    Noisy neighbors don’t exist. If you want 16 cores you will always get them. In GP IO depends on Azure Premium disk performance, it might be better to have less bigger files because io perf is proportional to size of file in GP,
    db_mail is available.
    Also, pros of Azure SQ DB is that it guarantees performance per each individual database (for example if you want 8 cores for DB7 you will always get 8 cores.) In Managed Instance, you are giving cores to entire instance, so databases are competing (same as on sql server on-premises)

    Also, note that we are keep working on the instance and improving some features.